What I did not submit for the March Quilting Challenge

The Challenge was to use two fat quarters of fabric (18″ X 22″) – one printed and one solid fabric and nothing else.

I decided on a kaleidoscope block pattern because it would really be able to show off the print.

Initially thought I would made a small runner, but it kept growing.  Till I had 8 pairs of `half blocks ready for a 4X2 runner. But I had fabric left over for a ninth block and a 3X3 square runner!

Here  are some pics of the various options I tried out

1. I made 8 blocks and thought I would use the print itself in the centre. I tried two ways of putting them together – but did not care for either – because the secondary pattern (the circle was not really emerging

IMQG March 12 Challenge (?)

IMQG March 12 Challenge (?)

2. So, I decided to make another pair of  kaleidoscope half-blocks and explore another option

IMQG March 2012 Challenge(?)

3. But I still had fabric leftover and decided to emphasize the secondary circle  and finished the blocks – and use this setting.

Here the secondary patterns can be clearly seen. I love this!

So now I wanted to quilt this and bind it and not submit it as a tablecloth for the March 12 Challenge.  And I set out on a new project!


11 thoughts on “What I did not submit for the March Quilting Challenge

  1. Madhu! Thanks for sharing this…Its really stunning, and the thought process you share with it, so totally completes it!

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