Some Dahlia Fun!

Quilt Assistant is a marvellous free resource for quilters interested in designing or even experimenting with various colour options for their quilt blocks.

I wanted to share with you the fun I had with the Dahlia Block, when designing it for the Round the Year Block of the Month Quilt!

5 Shades of Grey and a Rainbow Dahlia


Duet – The dahlia block in two colours

When the dahlia became the eight-petalled lotus!

The Ribbon Dahlia – a design idea from

Aren’t they pretty?  You can always pencil in your own colours on this DAHLIA MASTER TEMPLATE ! Use this as a guideline to piece a Dahlia designed by you.
By the way, this is the link if you want to make Shape Moth’s  20″ `ribbon’ dahlia block.

Dont forget to share what you come up with on my facebook page ` Patchwork of My Life’. Click the facebook button on the right sidebar to be able to link with me directly!


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