Lollipop Candy – Revision in Template

Block 06 Lollipop Candy

Block 06 Lollipop Candy

There was an error 😦  in the paper piecing templates for Lollipop Candy, the sixth of the Blocks of the Month of the ‘Round the Year’ Quilt. I have now uploaded the revised templates. But, if you downloaded the templates for this block on 24/12/2014 or earlier, you need to make a change in Template F.  

– Please start piecing from piece F2, that is, treat section F2 as F1, F3 as F2…till F12, which is treated as F11. 

– F1 is pieced as F12.

– F13 and F14 remain as heretofore.

The Master Template will also show the revised Template F. However, there is no change in the assembly instructions.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience!


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