Crowned? Or Glorified, Pickled and Thorny?

I have always found the glorified 9-patch, which is a nine patch in a circle, very pretty …as also the Pickle Dish block! I drafted this block for my Round the Year quilt, combining the two in one, though this is not truly a pickle dish, and the block looks like a thorny 9-patch to me! So that is what I plan on calling it – the Thorny 9-patch or perhaps the Crowned 9-patch. Unless you can think of something that sounds nicer?

This was left out of the final sixteen that made the cut, as were some others. It would be nice repeated all over in a quilt too, methinks!  I have made one for my Rainbow quilt, which I plan to do with just eight blocks. Meanwhile, I search for appropriate fabric for the  background – the squircles, as I like to call them. I like the idea of using Moda’s Zen Chic Ink ( or Paper) Handwriting or Notes or even Newsprint. The logistics of buying it is not working for me right now.  So, I guess this quilt will have to wait.

I now finally start working on finishing the Dusk quilt. Will keep you posted on the progress!

Meanwhile, will you help me decide which of the two placements of the thorny crowns you like better? I prefer the second, I think!


Do you like this better or the other one?


I prefer this one!


A Bubbly Table Runner

I am still on my ‘practising free motion quilting’ mode.  Result – another table runner, with lots of negative space to practise fmq, intended as a gift for my cousin. 


Raw edge applique and quilted with bubbles and lines
This time the inspiration was this absolutely stunning quilt from I found on Pinterest.


A fabulous quilt from – inspiration for the fmq
I wish I could quilt half as well! I started off pretty well, quilting this on my little Brother, with the feed dogs up and stitch length set at 0. But then, soon I ran into all kinds of problems.

The loops at the back – I think the problem is with the speed.

Tried several solutions suggested by fellow quilters on my online quilting group, with no improvement. What worked finally was lowering the feed dogs. (I have left the back looking like this! Too lazy to rip it and re-do it!)

Lowering the feed dogs helped.

The front doesn’t look bad at all. Here is a close up. 

A close up of the front

A long- shot of the back…


A view of the back
The colours are not very accurate in these pictures, so I took a couple of photos outside on the terrace, too.


Revealing its true colours!
What is long and thin and green all over?

I now move on to my next UFO, a king size quilt top waiting to be quilted for over five years! I am dreading the basting part – as I have run out of my basting spray, not available here! But first, I have to get the backing together. I am planning to quilt it only very lightly – while I gather the will to get going, please admire the quilting pattern, if not the actual execution!

A learning experience – miles to go , but am on my way!

Not Your Mughal Garden – The Quilt

 By definition, Mughal gardens – built by the Mughal emperors in the Persian style and are ‘rigidly formal’, says Wikipedia. They also have a ‘highly disciplined geometry’, it goes on to elaborate. 

One look at the quilt below, and you know why it could never be your Mughal garden!

Tana’s Quilt – Not Your Mughal Garden – no, not by a long stretch!

 This quilt – made for my daughter, Tana, has been in the making for three and a half years now. It started off as a block party but I got involved in other projects… My resolution this year is to complete all my UFOs( unfinished objects for those uninitiated into quilting lingo), before I start any new quilt. I also wanted to practice more free motion quilting before I start quilting my Round the Year quilt.

The quilt was built up in 5 quilt as you go (QAYG) panels, joined together with the 1″ red sashing in front and no sashing at the back. It needed a bit of calculation, but turned out fine. It is difficult to make out that this is QAYG, which I like!

In several of these blocks, I just followed the floral print outlines, to gain confidence. I am quite happy with the result! Here are the individual blocks and the quilting on each. What do you think?

Block 1   

Tana’s Quilt – Block 1
The quilting followed the print pattern, as in most blocks

 Block 2
Block 2 and Block 1 formed one qayg panel.
 Block 3


Blocks 3 and 4 were another panel, quilted together
I quilted spirals on the flowers
Block 4


The fabric for block 4 was a synthetic mix and gave me much trouble!
To compound the problems , a square was added to the backing fabric!
Block 5


This block was the same difficult fabric as block 4…

…this also had a square at the back!
 Block 6


…this was in the same panel as Block 5
Again, followed the print pattern in quilting
Block 7


blocks 7, 8, 9 were a single vertical panel backed with red fabric.
I quilted flowers to join the dots
Block 8


This was the centre block in the qayg panel
Quilted following the printed flowers, more or less!
Block 9


A pretty print here!
this was the first block i quilted – pretty satisfying!
Block 10

Blocks 10, 11 and 12 formed the bottom qayg panel – block 10 was different from the others!


followed the print pattern! this is pretty!
Block 11


block 11
tried some free motion quilting roses…

Block 12


block 12
poppies from tute by lori kennedy of the
 Here are some more pics of the whole quilt!


The back ! it is actually prettier than the front i think!
Here’s another view of the back. Block 1 is at top left corner.
I finished this quilt about a couple of weeks ago. I am certainly more confident about free motion quilting at the end of this exercise! Happy quilting to you all till I share with you what I am doing right now. 

Skinny Improvised Runner

Churned up a quick, simple runner for a visiting friend, from scraps of fabric that I had picked up from a garment export house. Pieced on one-sided stabilizer and quilted with straight lines, using a walking foot on my tiny Brother. I like the way it turned out! 

It measures 10″ x 60″ – really skinny!
You can use the back as the front, if you like it better!