A Memory Unlived


A tinkle of an anklet?


Haven’t I met you before,

From across a closed door?

In a dream,

Kind of forgotten?

In a verse still to be written?

In a note

Not yet sung?

In a word that hung

On my lips, unsaid

Or patiently sat

In a book I haven’t read?

In the footsteps

That tread

In a memory unlived?

In the smoke of a fire

Which never was lit?

In a scent that faded

Ere I even smelt it?

In a touch so soft

Only my heart

Ever felt it?

In a cloud

That sailed unseen?

In a sigh, unsighed

Of what-could-have-been?

I haven’t met you, are you sure?

In a life never lived before?


Note: There is something hauntingly romantic about old ruins. And when these are situated in a village which is supposed to be the ‘most haunted place in India’, one’s imagination runs wild. A memory – glimpse of a veil, a whiff of a scent, a touch of the breeze – the birth of a poem, dedicated to Bhangarh, a small village in Alwar District in Rajasthan.

Yet Another Wait! 


I am putting the blocks together using the Layout Option 3!
This was the third option I had given for how to join the sixteen blocks. It ends at 99″ x 99″- I do not trust myself to be able to quilt this as one piece, so this will be a quilt as you go (QAYG) project, in 5 panels. Except that I cannot imagine how I will manage the inset seams on the centre square! 

I also wanted to use cotton batting for this, instead of the poly batting that I have, so will have to wait for that to arrive. Any suggestions for how to quilt this? Also, will someone tell me why batting manufacturers do not add the extra 2-3″of batting (needed on each side while quilting a top) when selling packaged pre-cut lengths? I would expect them to sell a 78″ x 78″ length for quilting a 72″x72″ top!  Don’t you agree? 

Coming Up! 

I am excited!  It has started taking shape! 


This is how i plan to join the blocks!
I have noted down in detail all the fabric requirements for this layout and will share them once the top is stitched. 

By the way, I have decided to call it the Dreamcatcher Quilt! 

All Blocks Done! Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt

Now to get them all together!


The Almost-Fractal Mandala




Dozens Squared


Mariner 24


Southward Bound


Lollipop Candy


The Blue Aster


The Chakra – Centre yet to be done!

Here are all sixteen blocks! This will not be the final layout – I just wanted to see them all together!

All my blocks!