A New Look for Old Chairs…

We bought these chairs some 34 years ago and it shows! 

The black canvas – stained and faded…

Forlorn, they lie in our (blue) guest room, rarely used by either my husband or me…

The canvas has been nailed on to the wood, about 20 nails, now rusted,  along the frame length of 17″! Trying to pry them out would most likely tear the wood. If I wanted to change the fabric, the best option would be to let the black canvas stay and add fresh fabric over and across it. So that is what I did…

The chairs have new clothes…

I used some indigo dabu ( mud resist block printed) hand-block printed cambric and muslin pieces left over from a quilt I made for my son some nine years ago! The cream muslin is also from the same quilt! It took me about 3 hours to cut and sew the eight  7.5″ log cabin blocks. (Can you believe that this is the first log cabin block project I have ever sewn? ) I then added a 1″ border on the top and bottom to increase the length to the required 17″ and added 4.5″ strips on either side to wrap around frame of the chair back.

The polybatting was also leftover 18″ lengths from a previous project! I quilted the front(s) with a simple stitch in the ditch,  and strengthened the ‘wrap’ width with straight line quilting. Binding done – all that was need was fixing it to the chairs. I glued the rough side of Velcro strips to the back of frame, and sewed the ‘fuzzy’ strips to the quilted pieces. So here we are…the chairs have their new quilted backs…

The new ‘back’ is stretched over the old canvas, to the back and fastened with Velcro strips.

It took me about six hours in all, beginning on Wednesday and finishing today, Sunday, to complete the project ( if I don’t add the time to visit the market to buy Velcro strips!)

I do think I need to get back to my various UFOs ( unfinished objects) and PHDs ( projects half done) now. But before that, I have one more, not so quick project to begin and finish! 

Author: Mads

In alphabetical order: daughter, mother, painter, philosopher, poet, quilter, seeker, wife...

6 thoughts on “A New Look for Old Chairs…”

  1. Your new chair backs look great! I love the new word (to me) PhDs. I was being interviewed a few weeks ago on a local radio programme, and mentioned UFOs and WIPs (work in progress) which made the interviewer laugh, I now have a third bit of jargon to add to my stash!
    Michele (rosemaryrabbitquilts,com)

    1. Thanks, Michele! PhDs, I think fall somewhere in between UFOs, which have been stashed away and WIPs, which are actively in process. PHDs loll around in the sewing area ( or even on the spare sewing machine) while one starts a new project! 😁

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