Quilt for a little girl

I designed and made this little quilt for my little grand niece.

It is a number / counting quilt – also a land, sea, air quilt – made with silks and satins and oodles of love. Anyone is free to copy it in any which way they like.

What I did not submit for the March Quilting Challenge

The Challenge was to use two fat quarters of fabric (18″ X 22″) – one printed and one solid fabric and nothing else.

I decided on a kaleidoscope block pattern because it would really be able to show off the print.

Initially thought I would made a small runner, but it kept growing.  Till I had 8 pairs of `half blocks ready for a 4X2 runner. But I had fabric left over for a ninth block and a 3X3 square runner!

Here  are some pics of the various options I tried out

1. I made 8 blocks and thought I would use the print itself in the centre. I tried two ways of putting them together – but did not care for either – because the secondary pattern (the circle was not really emerging

IMQG March 12 Challenge (?)
IMQG March 12 Challenge (?)

2. So, I decided to make another pair of  kaleidoscope half-blocks and explore another option

IMQG March 2012 Challenge(?)

3. But I still had fabric leftover and decided to emphasize the secondary circle  and finished the blocks – and use this setting.

Here the secondary patterns can be clearly seen. I love this!

So now I wanted to quilt this and bind it and not submit it as a tablecloth for the March 12 Challenge.  And I set out on a new project!

Webs we weave

Oh! What a tangled web we weave…

So, early the other morning, as I was about to enter my kitchen, I was stopped in my tracks by something on the door frame.

Rush to get a duster? Not me! I did dash…to get my camera to capture this !

Gossamer – what a lovely word it is, too. Just delicately rolls off your tongue .. gossamer…

So is `cobweb’ a lovely word …like a long forgotten dream that tries to surface from the past…tugged at by something in the present …

This web reminded me of another web I had photographed a few years ago … equally intricate.

This was taken when we visited Bhagirath Place (or is it Palace? In Delhi one is never sure)…

This is in Old Delhi – North India’s biggest market for electrical items. The shops in this market, I presume, get their electricity supply through this (illegal?) `web’work. As necessary for their livelihood as the spider’s is for its own!

Some shayari…

अब है सोचा कि तुझको न अब सोचेंगे
महज़ ख़याल की ख़ुशबू से महक उठते हैं।

सरे महफ़िल ख़ामोश ही रहते हैं हम
बात बे बात पे बेवजह चहक उठते हैं।

तेरी गलियों में आना यूँ छोड़ दिया
तेरे कूचे से जो गुज़रे तो बहक उठते हैं।

नशा तेरी नज़र का है या मयख़ाना?
ज़रा उठे तो सागर भी छलक उठते हैं।

तेरी आवाज़ में कहतें हैं वो है मौसीक़ी
जाने अनजाने से जज़्बात थिरक उठते हैं।

तेरी हँसी की खनक में है क़शिश ऐसी
मुस्कुराये तो कई शोले दहक उठते हैं।

सुना है तेरा आँचल जो छू जाए कहीं
बुत के सीने में अरमान धड़क उठते हैं।

दूर रहने में तुझसे है जो समझदारी
पास आने को क्यूँ ये क़दम उठते हैं?

पास आने की हिमाक़त हम करें कैसे
तुझसे दूरियों के कई सबब मिलते हैं।

बेतुकबंदी (2012)



Ab hai socha ki tujhko na ab sochenge

Mahaz khayaal ki khushboo se mahak uthte hain.

Sarre mehfil khaamosh hi rehte hain hum,

Baat be baat pe be-wajah chahak uthte hain.

Teri galiyon mein aana yu chhod diya,

Tere kuchche se jo guzre to bahak uthte hain…

… Paas aane ki himaaqat hum karein kaise?

Tujhse dooriyon ke kai sabab milte hain!


Colours of my world

Maji and Ush - A close up of the hands

Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to paint and sketch all my life.  I joined some summer painting classes and learnt to do oils.

But then, school and college happened.  Again, while in college, I joined a correspondence course, where I learnt to sketch in ink. That was very exciting – I think I have the `assignments’ lying around somewhere. Shall dig them out and may be upload them.

Again life intervened; this time it was a  husband, a job and children.

In 1997,  I had this great urge to start painting again.  I had given up my job to take care of  my daughter – that was a full time job.   But the itch to paint was so strong that I would paint with her in my lap or between chores.

Since I had not learnt how to use water colours, and oils/ canvas/brushes were exorbitantly priced – I painted with poster colours, using them like oils. Later, when I did buy proper water colours, I continued to paint with them like one  would with oils! After having spent a year in Kishangarh, I was influenced by the miniature style, so I enjoyed using detailing in my work.

I gifted away many paintings, even sold some – making about 30-35  paintings in 2 years. And then, as suddenly, I stopped.

May be, one day, the painter’s soul shall come back to stay with me.

So here are the paintings:

Maji and Ush

March Quilting Challenge

My FB quilting group is having a challenge. Use only 2 fat quarters – one print and one solid – and nothing else – to make a quilt.
So my stash is out. Does it speak to you? Does it tell you what to do?

Reds, blues, blacks, greys...
Pinks, greys and a blue FQ bundle

And some greens and browns

Greens and browns
The final candidates for the March IMQG challeng

But this is what I think my final choice will be from! And I also think I know what I am going to do:)

Justtakes2 Quilt – some more photos

I thought I had saved captions to all the photos, but obviously I am doing something wrong! These are pictures of blocks from a mystery quilt at http://justtakes2.com/about-the-quilt/

Work in progress – the Justtakes2 quilt

So these days I am working on a mystery red and white quilt from http://justtakes2.com/about-the-quilt/

The quilt started on New Year’s day and new blocks come up every 1st and 15th.

Though, mine is not a red and white quilt! I saw this grey printed poplin fabric in Jodhpur in December end and bought 6 metres of it as I thought it would team up well with the indigo blues that I have. Then, I came across this red and white quilt and thought red and grey would be good combo too. So out came an old south cotton dupatta and we were on our way.

Very soon, dawned the realisation that the difference in weights of fabric was not working too well. So, had to buy some red poplin. Anyways, here are my blocks. One to be completed today, and I am ready for the next lot coming out tomorrow.

I shall upload some photos in my next post – there is some prob in getting them all in!

Block 17 - Broken Heart
Block 16 Pine Burr
Block 12- Rocky Mountain Chain (renamed Diamond in the Rough) Joined incorrectly so does not justify its name!
Block 14 -Pinwheel
Block 15 The Basket
Block 11 - The Schoolhouse - renamed Quilt House (a little bit of work needs to be done on this one)
Block 7 Friendship Ladder
Block 13 - Flying Geese (Renamed Heading North)
Block 4 All’s Square Block
All my blocks! As on 29th February
Half my blocks