Another Modern Quilt…

Modern Relish Cafeteria Line pattern modified – Quilt#2

Well, technically, it is the same quilt, but quilted differently. I told you how it started off as one large quilt, and ended up as two quilts! In fact, I quilted this one first, but the binding on the other one came first.

The brown band that drove me nuts!

This brown strip that used from my stash was thicker fabric than the rest used on the quilt. So every time I reached this band, the thread would break! You would appreciate that that was pretty horrible – I ended up stopping short of the band, skipping that area and continuing on the other side! I came back later to complete the brown band by walking foot! Which also meant I had several dozen pairs of threads to bury all along this strip on either side. In fact, I can still spot some threads which need to meet their end inside the batting, but I wanted to take these photos before the sun set!

Reminds me of children throwing stones in a pool!

I experimented with some straight line quilting to make my task a bit easier – you can see that on the coloured fabric.

Wasn’t such fun when being done, but I like the end result!

I have done a quilt before with a spiral, but that was a single huge spiral on a quilt as you go panel and I think I used a walking foot. This one was almost entirely done with the echo free motion quilting foot, so was quite something else. Over all, I am quite satisfied with the way it turned out!

For the backing, I found an interesting print in brownish greys, which went quite well with my main prints.

The printed backing in brownish grey.

I think the lovely lady for whom this quilt has been made should like it, don’t you?

Tomorrow I will show you what else I have been up to! So do check in.

A Modern Quilt…

Finally completed one of two quilts in the making…both gifts, for two wonderfully generous girls.

Cafeteria Line pattern modified - one of two quilts meant as gifts.
A modern quilt for a lovely girl!

I planned, originally, to make a queen size, using the Cafeteria Line pattern by Modern Quilt Relish. However, I had only five fat quarters to work with, so I modified the pattern somewhat, adding the extra red bar . I was also not looking forward to working on a large quilt on my Husqavarna Viking, so thought I would quilt it in two halves and join them together. But then, had a brain wave! Two quilts are better than one, right?

The red and dark brown strip fabrics are from my stash.
I do love the quilting, don’t you?

I free motion quilted this one in a pattern similar to the original Modern Relish quilt, which I loved so much!

Marking the grid for the quilting was the most boring task imaginable!

I started by marking dots at 1″ intervals to form a grid to work on. That bored me so much, that I switched to a 2″ grid and eventually just drew perpendicular lines where I felt like!

The other quilt is quilted totally differently! Any guesses?

Since the point of my washable marker pencil kept breaking after every two lines, I switched to an ordinary lead pencil to draw the lines. Which means that I have to sit with an eraser tomorrow and scrub them all out! Not something I am looking forward too.

I did manage to find some pretty floral matching fabric for the backing in the local market, which softens the geometrical look of the quilt.

A pretty floral for the backing…

I hope the recipient of the quilt will love it as much as I loved making it for her!

Tomorrow, I plan to bind the other quilt. What is sewing at your end?