The Dreamcatcher at Dusk Quilt – A Closer Look!

It took me almost seven hours, but I managed to post five short videos that give a closer look at the quilt – on Facebook. This WordPress blog does not permit me to share videos; it says I need to upgrade! Facebook reduces the clarity of the images, I suggest you view them full screen. So you can head straight my Facebook page ‘Patchwork of My Life’. I think you need to ‘like’ my page for that, you can click on the Facebook icon on this page to do it. 

If you want to make your own Dreamcatcher quilt, the patterns for all the blocks are available right here, on this blog, for free! Click on this page for the links to the patterns. 

To take a closer look at the quilt, visit my Facebook page ‘Patchwork of My Life’ and click on the videos uploaded there…

Been There, Done That?

Didn’t anybody tell her?  

Didn’t anybody see? 

I sit down to sew after more than 100 days, and this is what I do? Why did no one ever tell me, “Right sides together! Always, right sides together! ”

Did someone say, “Right sides together!” ?

This is, therefore, tagged ‘Piecing Tips’. 

A Milestone of Sorts!

I am going to get more than just a bit boastful today! My blog just reached 100000 all-time views from 35000 visitors from around 110 countries, a few of which I barely knew even existed! 

When this blog started off four years ago,  I did not know if anyone was going to read it. It had no agenda, except a need to share with the world my thoughts and musings and the things I enjoy doing. At that time, that included poetry, painting, embroidery and quilting, in no particular order. I am being told now to make an exclusively quilting blog, but I am not so sure. Agreed, in these years, quilting has taken over much of my life and the blog has come to reflect more and more of this. Yet, it remains to me a medium of sharing with you all that I create –  ‘This and That…Some Rhyme, Not All Reason’!

May I thank all of you who visit my blog and stay awhile, perhaps just to look around or download a few patterns which you like! Nothing gives me a greater high than seeing how you interpreted my designs. So, I would love it if you also shared your thoughts with me here and pictures of what you make using these patterns on my facebook page. 

So, good morning from India, may you have a wonderful day! 

Renaming the Round the Year Quilt…and… A Surprise!


The quilt and the quilting…
As promised in my previous post, here is the link to Sobana’s blog, The Quilt Bug, where you can see more pics of her awesome Round the Year quilt. ( While you are there, you must see the other awesome work she has been doing!) As I told you she is the first person I know to have finished the quilt, and that includes me.

Sobana is of the opinion that I should rename the quilt to something short and sweet, something catchy, instead of `Round the Year’ which was okay when it was a Block of the Month but too vague otherwise. Eventually, I do plan – when I have the time  ( when does one ever have the time?) – to make an e-book including all the block patterns, layouts etc in one place. So I am now veering around to her way of thinking. Her suggestions include “Starstruck’ and ‘ Milky way’ and ‘Dreamcatcher’. I love the name ‘Dreamcatcher’, but I was also considering ‘Mandala’, because it has an Indian flavour! 

Which of these names do you like? Or do you have a suggestion of your own? Do get back to me in the comments section by the 31st of December. Who knows, the New Year may get you a surprise gift from me if I choose the name suggested by you! 

Remains of the Day

What is the minimum size of scraps you save?
What is the minimum size of scraps you save?

Block Ten is ready for assembly and Block Twelve is on its way. I am undecided about Block Eleven.
And I am still looking for block testers!

How is everybody else doing on their Round the Year quilts?

Spinning Some Lollipop Candy on Day Fifteen

The last pending block of the Dusk Round the Year Quilt is coming up, slowly and steadily!

What with pressing and trimming at each stage, the block grows really slowly!
What with pressing and trimming at each stage, the block grows really slowly!

Once this is done, there are  four blocks of the Rainbow colourway to be done…

Sneak Peek at Block Six, Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt

First look at the sixth block of the quilt...
First look at the sixth block of the quilt…

I can’t resist sharing a peek at the next block, which will be posted on the first of the next month! Probably, my favourite block.

There are two ways of constructing it; in fact, there are two different patterns too! The prettier one entails more than just a little fabric wastage  – add just a bit more and you can get two blocks instead of one. I  am still debating which method to publish. Perhaps I will publish both? Or perhaps I will ask you which one you prefer…

Card Trick Block – Instructions File (My Bad!)

I have just corrected the link to the instructions for the Card Trick quilt block ( Block Three of the Block of the Month Quilt, Round the Year) posted earlier today in the main blogpost.

The correct links are also given here!

Card Trick Paper Piecing Template File

Card Trick Instructions File.

Sorry for the confusion!


While all my Dreamcatcher patterns are free and will continue to remain so, may I suggest you visit the webpage of my favourite NGO Samarpan and donate whatever you deem fit towards the wonderful work they are doing to spread joy, peace and happiness through the world? Thank you!