The Final Panel

Ready to join the last quilt-as-you-go panel on the Dreamcatcher quilt…
So here we are, ready to join the fifth and final panel of my Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt. This is the tricky part, where we have to deal with a nesting seam; will share the whole process once the quilt is finished.  Meanwhile, the batting and backing has been folded back on all four edges to be joined so that they do not come in the way of joining the front. 

Wish me luck! 

The Lotus in the Mandala


The eight petalled lotus in the centre of the mandala….
( The foundation paper piecing free pattern for Block Fourteen ‘The Almost Fractal Mandala’ of the Round the Year Dreamcatcher quilt can be found here.)

Trick or Treat?

Here is wishing you a Happy Halloween with this Lollipop Candy block. Candylicious?

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the block pattern! Meanwhile, have a scary,  spooky day.

A Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms!

It is a lovely rainy day today here in Jaipur – the monsoon is in its full glory!

To add to the cheer, here are some lovely dahlias – and a lotus!

Devi Nair's purple and orange Dahlia
Purple and orange Dahlia by Devi Nair

Prabha Mathew's yin and yang!
Prabha Mathew’s blue and gold beauty

Anuradha ramesh - Lime and purple
Anuradha Ramesh’s purple with a pop of lime

Pink lotus by Jaya Parker
Jaya Parker’s pink lotus!

If your Dahlia is not featured here, it is because I have not received the necessary go-ahead from you!

Meanwhile, there are many more Dahlias at the budding stage – am waiting eagerly to see the full bloom!

There is something very special coming up here soon – a guest blog by Jaya Parker, who discovered a technique to piece the dahlia without any paper piecing – using just strips! I am not giving away anything more – only telling you that her method is so easy, that I am inspired to make a king size quilt of dahlia blocks!

So do keep tuned in!

Just takes 2 – progress for today…

Completed this block today, adding the triangles…

Just takes 2 Quilt Block 29
Just takes 2 Quilt Block 29

And this – it was foundation pieced! I did the y-seams by hand.  Probably need to rip the bottom right corner, and re-sew it!  The pieces were already cut and yet it took more than four hours to construct! I am tired 😦 And I hate paper foundation piecing – keep getting confused  how the next piece will be sewed on! Next time, shall English paper piece. Equally accurate and less taxing on my ageing brain.

Just takes 2 Block 40
Just takes 2 Block 40

Decided to clean the blocks of stray threads and iron them when I am ready to join them!

What I did not submit for the March Quilting Challenge – finished!

Last month I got my new  Brother, who I am still to get used to loving. Having used a gentle, elderly (she is all of 76 years old!) hand-cranked Singer all these years,  it is not easy getting accustomed to the brash new  baby – who runs when I ask it to walk .   Anyways, I decided I would devote  November and December to UFOs (unfinished objects) so that I could start the new year with a fresh slate. And get to know the new family member better!

One of the few UFOs I managed to complete was this from March. (Blogged about here)

Table top - kaleidoscopic block
Table top  using kaleidoscopic quilt block

This is my first quilting on the Brother; I did not have the walking foot, so I have used the regular foot.

There are many things I do not like about this – firstly the red binding! I also hate the machine sewing in blue on the binding – it sticks out like a sore thumb 😦

But what really makes me cringe is the back!

Back of quilted top for wound table - UGLY!
Back of quilted top for round table – UGLY!

Kaleidoscope quilt block table top
Kaleidoscope quilt block table top – unquilted!

I did like it much better unquilted.

 I would love to give it away, but am going to keep it – as a reminder of how bad I was, when I (hopefully!) become better.